Marco Polo

The man who gave us the fun game.

Marco Polo - The early years

Marco Polo was an explorer and journalist who was born in 1254 to a family of wealthy merchants in Venice, Italy. His family was also an exploring family. When Marco Polo was young, his father went on his own mission and while he was gone, Marco's mother died.

Marco Meets Kublai Khan

Marco Polo, his father, and his uncle sailed to China together. Marco Polo sailed for China after he met and became a confidant of Kublai Khan. Polo started going on voyages for Khan. He sailed to discover things and write about his voyages. He and Kublai Khan became close and worked together for many years.

Return Home

When the Polo's decided to return home in 1292, they went through the Black Sea. He joined in the war between Venice and Genoa. He got captured and went to prison where he met another writer who wrote about both of their voyages. People did not believe the stories but they still became very famous. He tragically died in Venice in 1324 of natural causes.
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The Life Story of Marco Polo in Under 3 Minutes
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