Bell to Bell & Attendance Procedures

What Is Bell to Bell 8:50 - 3:50?

Bell to Bell is a program that each student and grade level will participate in to improve our school’s attendance. To meet Bell to Bell for the day the student must be in attendance from the first bell at 8:50 am to the last bell at 3:50 pm.

They must NOT be tardy and must NOT leave before 3:50.

Our SUPER Goal for attendance is 95.5%!

When we're here we get to CELEBRATE!!

STUDENTS: Each student tracks their attendance by filling in “Bell to Bell” on their attendance tracking sheet. Once they have been at school from Bell to Bell for 10 days they get to celebrate!

CLASSROOMS: All classrooms work to spell HAWKS— where each letter is worth one day of the classroom achieving 95.5% attendance or higher. Once they spell HAWKS, their classroom will earn an attendance celebration!

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What Can I Do To Help?

  • Get your child to school on time (before 8:50 am).
  • Your child should not be picked up early (before 3:50 pm).
  • Avoid scheduling family trips and medical appointments during school hours.
  • Support school rules and consequences for missing school and being tardy.
  • Show your child why education is important. Give examples of how education helps people become leaders and succeed.
  • Lead by example. If children see their family taking off work for no real reason, they may expect to be able to do the same.
  • Be sure that your child is aware of the school’s tardy procedures. All students arriving after the 8:50 bell will be marked tardy and will not have that day count as being in attendance from Bell to Bell 8:50 - 3:50!

Harrison Attendance Procedures

Students are expected to be in school as much as possible. Our procedures are outlined below. In order for sickness to be considered an excused absence an excuse must be received by the medical provider. Please contact our health secretary, Amanda Wink, if you have questions or concerns about this policy at 558-2803.

Attendance Interventions Tier 2 - Tier 3

After a set number of absences we are required to provide interventions which are outlined below. Students who miss 3 or fewer days require no intervention.


When a child has been absent for 10 days (unexcused) the process to involve the County Attorney begins. The district truancy officer will send a letter home to the parent notifying them of the process. At 15 Absences the County Attorney is contacted.

Attendance is Important

Attendance is important at Harrison Elementary! We want to provide your child with the best possible education and they must be here to benefit.

More information about our attendance procedures and policies is located in our Student/Family Handbook.