Math Plus with Miss Keating

Ross/Bellerive Summer School 2015

June 20-24, 2015

Dear Families,

Wow! What a fun time we have spent together! This has been a fun way to start the summer. I am excited to have one last week together! Please see below for what is on the schedule for this week.

Have a wonderful and safe rest of the summer!


This week we will...

Grades 2-3 Math Plus

Students will continue working on sharing their thinking and supporting their strategies for solving problems. We will talk about telling time, addition, and subtraction. With all subjects, students will be solving word problems. Students will continue to challenge themselves to have a growth mindset, especially when solving problems that might be hard for them. Be on the look out for games to be sent home! These will be simple, quick games which will help your child continue to practice math over the summer.

Grades 4-5 Math Plus

Students will be continuing to practice their multiplication facts, with a focus on using known multiplication facts to help them solve division problems. When solving word problems, students will be encouraged to draw pictures to help with understanding and then determine what to solve first. Students will also be continuing to work on identifying, simplifying, and computing fractions and mixed numbers. Be on the look out for simple games to come home! These games will help your student practice skills we have been working on in class.