AASH Myth Buster!

Atheism, Agnosticism, Secular Humanism

Can Atheists believe in God? Can Agnostics have morals? Can Secular Humanists be Religious? Why is this umbrella here?

Come and find out!

Ask good questions, enjoy good pizza, and learn something about the belief systems of over 32% of millennials!

No need to RSVP! BUT if you plan to bring a group, please let us know ahead of time so that we can get more pizza!

Tuesday, March 29th, 12:15pm

Center for Spirituality Community Room, GAC #151

What is Mythbusters?

Mythbusters is a series of special events sponsored by various religious/spiritual communities within the Center for Spirituality where we learn more about our differences and similarities far beyond stereotypes, myths, and misconceptions.