Forest city brochure!

By: Tara Lancaster

Forest City Iowa

This is a clean friendly place. You don't have to be scared to let your kids go with here friends to walk to the park. They will be safe, unlike a bigger town. The people are


Some places you can sit and eat.


  • 126 N 6th st.
  • 6am to 11pm
  • 641) 585-5741
The people are very nice, you can ask them for anything.

Border line

  • 1145 Us 69
  • 11am to
  • (641) 585-3151

a amazing


to eat


and more.
The serve it warm and clean. They will even clean up after you!


  • 1126 highway 69 N
  • to
  • 641 585 5000
There are a lot of different choices that are can pick from. There is also games for the kids to play.

Other places

Scoopy doo's



This is some places where you can go it your hungry, or if you need something.

Dollar general.

  • 111 N 4th St
  • 7am to 10pm
  • (641) 582-2909
If you are a last minute shopper. This is good because you can go and get your stuff and be out right away.


  • 106 S 4Th St
  • 5am to 11pm
  • 641) 582-5518
This is a clean and easy place to come. The donuts are BOMB!


  • 616 IA-9
  • 9am to 9pm
  • (641) 582-2511
This is really good for shopping for niece close. If your visiting and you forgot something then they got are.

Other places


forest city foods

New to you (goodwill)

If you have some free time this would be some good ideas.

School park

  • 1405 W I St,
There is a place for that kid to play and a the parents can sit and watch them.

Sunshine park

  • It's by saint James church
There is a lot of shade. So you can get a good work out then you can site are rest.

Family aquatic center

  • 525 John K Hanson Dr
  • 1–8PM
  • 641) 585-2650
This is

a amazing

the life


are amazing! They look out after all of the kids! There is a little kids area and a big kid area. You can


in the would pool too!