Hockey Sticks

The first hockey stick ever made was in Nova Scotia made from a horn beam tree, known for being very strong, in the mid 1800’s. Back then there was not many choices but now today hockey players have a lot of choices and must find one that they like that will help them play when picking out a hockey stick it is important to find one with the right blade, shaft, and flex.

Hockey Stick Blade

The blade of a hockey stick is where the stick hits the puck. In the blades of hockey sticks there is usually a material like foam inside of the blade to add pop so the puck bounces off your stick. CCM partnered up with Taylormade golf and made their blades like a club head. They made a SpeedBlade with two freak channels in the blade so the puck. As a result bounces right off of the blade like a golf club does. Unlike CCM, Easton has Airex Foam in the blade for more pop. Bauer sticks have aero foam 3 in there blades. They also have a sense layer that is between the first 2 layers of carbon fiber to absorb energy and to feel the puck in the blade. Bauer has TeXtreme to lighten the stick and for a better balance, and improves puck handling and pass reception.

Hockey Stick Shafts

The Shaft is the part of the stick that you hold on to on the upper half of the stick. CCM partnered up with taylormade golf and gave there stick Swing Technology (swing speed in golf) so when you wind up for a slapshot your stick travels faster. As a result you can shoot the puck harder. Also CCM painted there stick black on the top of the stick from the lower shaft to your blade so when you are looking up you can still see the stick out of the corner of your eye. Reebok has a ribbed shaft with carbon fibers for explosive pop.

Kick Point/Flex

The kick point of the stick is where the stick flexes (bends) to add speed to your shot. And on the other hand if there is too much flex it will take away some of the power from your shot. Bauer Intelli sense shot technology makes 2 kick points based on the kind of shot you take. CCM has a kick point that changes depending on where your bottom hand is. It adapts to your playing style. Easton has a low kick point so you can get a quick shot off fast. SherWood also has an extremely low kick point to get a shot of quick.

It is important to get the right stick with the right blade, shaft, flex and kick point for you so you can play your best with a stick that helps you out. The blade is where the stick hits the puck. The shaft is where you hold on to the stick. The kick point is where the stick flexes (bends).