Dear, I know your skin

Advice about skin care

Dear, I know your skin

Here lately my skin has been very ashy and hard i don't know what to do cause I can't afford lotion or cream for my ashy skin. Is there any easy home remedies you know of that are low cost ? If so please let me know. Thanks .

Sincerely, I have ashy skin!

Dear, I have ashy skin

Advice on skin care

I read your question and the first thing that came to mind was avocado. It's a little pricey and you might not like it but it helps the skin lock in moisture . Fish is also a good thing it strengthens skin cells, helps protect skin from the sun, and can protect against skin cancer, and last but not least , drink water! It keeps your hydrated and the best part is, is that it's free!

Sincerely, I know your skin

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