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Sunday, January 13, 2019


Mrs. Close's Class ~ We officially began Module 4 this week. This unit is heavy with new vocabulary. The kids will work at memorizing the new words throughout the entire module. This week we reviewed point, line, line segment, ray, and angle. Please read through the information regarding the new module which was stuffed in Friday Folders. Corrected Module 3 tests came home on Friday. Please sign and return to me on Monday.


Social Studies ~ We have moved into learning about the Manhattan Purchase. This shift will lead us into Colonial America and then into the American Revolution.

PAWS ~ Our most recent assignment is due tomorrow. We had many interruptions this week in addition to the copier closest to our classroom being down. Moving forward, let's plan for each PAWS being due on the Monday after it's assigned.

Picture Book Friday ~ Glacier read Santa Bruce to us!

Read Aloud ~ We should finish Ruby Holler this coming week. Things are really getting interesting. Be sure to ask your child about the latest events!

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The kids took the unit assessment for the crayfish and snail portion of the Structures of Life unit on Friday. Electricity and Magnetism will be our final unit of the school year. Then we'll spend much of our science time going back and reviewing concepts and skills to prepare the kids for the NYS Science Assessment which is given in June.


Kids will need to be prepared with instruments on Wednesday for lessons and on Thursday for ensembles.

Merry Go Round Theatre

The kids were part of two presentations this past week! The first was on Monday. The kids were able to watch and be part of an interview between Matilda Joslyn Gage and her professor friend set back in the 1862. Matilda based her argument for women's rights on the beliefs and practices of the Haudenosaunee.

Careers in the Arts was the focus of the second presentation. The kids learned how communication, creativity, collaboration , and critical thinking impact performers and other professions.

Spelling Bee

Congratulations to both Avi and Stephen for competing in the 4th Grade Spelling Bee that was held on Thursday. Avi tied for 5th place and Stephen was the Champion!
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