Paige Collins

Type of bacteria used in the fermentation process

Yogurt is fermented using lactic acid, usually lactobacillus Bulgarius and streptococcus thermophilus

Ingredients used and directions for preparation

1. The milk is heated, homogenised then cooled for the addition of bacteria/starter culture.

2. The milk will then be able to ferment the milk sugar into lactic acid.

3. The milk proteins will begin to set and form yogurt.

Time required to produce the food

6+ hours depending on your taste preferences

Factors that influence the development of fermentation

1. The milk used.

2. the temperature of the mixture throughout the process.

Chemical changes that take place

Sugar (glucose) turns into lactic acid.

Effect of fermentation on the pH of the food product

Depending on how long the mixture is left to ferment depends how acidic the yogurt will become.