The Multitasker

Super fun for your child to have!

Why should you buy this?

The reason why your child would want the multitasker is because its super fun! A lot of parents are getting this amazing new toy for their child, so why shouldn't you? This toy is also for boys and girls so no body feels left out. Plus don't forget to mention the fact that your child wont be bored anymore!

Why would your child have fun?

The reason why your child would have fun with this amazing new toy, is because it can do so many things! Does you child love candy, like to have fun, play with action figures? If they do, this is the perfect toy for them!

What can the multitasker do?

One of the things that the multitasker can do, is make jelly beans! Who doesn't love candy? The multitasker can also make music! So if your child loves to listen to music, then this is good for them! The multitasker can also be an action figure, a space ship, and a surfboard. Its so much fun!


Some parts of the multitasker are not edible. Some parts of the multitasker can create a choking hazard.

This toy is only for ages 6-9