A Peek at the Week

September 8, 2018

Our Rock Your School Day is right around the corner. The idea behind this day is summed up below:

Join the Get Your Teach On Team and thousands of educators from all across the country as we create a magical day for students everywhere! On this day, we are encouraging all educators to create a lesson for their classroom or school that is unlike any other. It can be BIG or it can be small....we are just challenging you to do something different! Challenge yourself! Push the limits! Let's show the world what Education REALLY is and let's show students why they WANT to come to school!

If you don't have an idea for a lesson and/or a flip, remember to join the GYTO Facebook group. They have running threads by grade level of ideas for this day. Also, don't forget that you have $200 to spend towards this day if needed.

We are in the process of planning our idea. We are going to use this day to kick off our house system. Matt has created a graphic for our idea. I am including it below. :-) It is going to be a fun and exciting day for our school!

Big picture

Classroom and Hallway Greeters

The fifth grade students have been mentioning our Colt Customs during the Friday morning announcements. I will be greeting everyone at 8:05 each morning and starting everyone's day with a reminder of the custom(s) we are working on. We have been working on Custom #2 to always say yes ma'am, no ma'am, yes sir, and no sir. Please be very strict with this in your classes. We all must hold our students accountable with this expectation in order to make it a habit that our students practice.

This week, we will continue to practice Custom #2 but add in Custom #1 with the handshake. I really believe it is such an important life skill to be able to greet others with a strong handshake, look them in the eye, and carry on a conversation. Please take some time this week to show students how to properly shake hands. Finally, please begin to look for a classroom greeter and a hallway greeter from your classes. These students will get up and greet anyone entering your classroom throughout the day and the hallway greeter will greet others in the hallway. These students can change throughout the year to give others the opportunity to practice their skills. I will ask for these names in a couple of weeks so that we can recognize them as well. Let's teach our students these skills that will help them the rest of their lives!

Increasing our Knowledge

Stacey was able to attend a conference where Lucy Calkin's called in to answer questions about reading instruction. She learned some information that she is going to share with us Tuesday during each grade level's planning. We will plan to meet in Stacey's room. We only have about 40 minutes, so it will be quick, but really helpful as we work to grow in our literacy knowledge.

GoalPost starts tomorrow!

Open House

Keep in mind that our Open House is Sept. 25th. As you plan your lessons each week, be thinking of student work that you can have visible for parents. Bi-Lo will be here for our annual Hot Dog Supper as well.

Upcoming Dates:

Sept. 11th: Fall Pics and meetings during planning

Sept. 12th: Fall Pics

Sept. 14th: K5 House Sorting

Sept. 17th: Girl/Boy Scout's meeting at 2:15

Sept. 18th: 1st grade PD AM, 2nd grade PD PM, Girl/Boy Scout parent meetings at 6:00

Sept. 19th: Faculty Meeting

Sept. 20th: Rock Your School, Lucy Calkin's Office Hours from 4-5 (Webinar)

Sept. 21st: Leveling due with Data Wall updated

Sept. 25th: Open House, 3rd grade PD AM, 4th grade PD PM