Pacific Whale Foundation

Protecting Our Oceans Through Science and Advocacy


The Pacific Whale Foundation’s mission is to protect our oceans through science and advocacy. We accomplish this through our ongoing marine research, education and conservation programs. Through our ocean eco-adventure cruises, we have educated nearly 3.5 million people about the marine environment, while raising needed funds to support critically needed whale and dolphin research studies, educational programs for adults and children, as well as important conservation programs, including our fight to stop commercial whaling.

What They Do

The Pacific Whale Foundation prevents vessel-whale collisions with their Be Whale Aware program, which includes free annual training workshops for vessel captains and other ocean users. They fight to end aquarium collecting in Hawaii, including protesting against sales of live aquarium wildlife at Petco. They remove thousands of pounds of marine debris from Maui’s beaches and much more.

What You Can Do

You can become educated. Learn about issues relating to the oceans, such as whaling, marine debris, overfishing, and pollution. You can help prevent marine debris. Reduce your use of plastic bags and plastic containers by choosing reusable alternatives. Throw out all of your trash properly. Participate in beach clean-ups. Try not to use chemicals in your home or garden. Chemicals pollute local lakes, streams and waterways which accumulate in the ocean. Choose organic products whenever available.


The Pacific Whale Foundation’s vision is to be the people’s environmental organization for research, advocacy, and protection of the world’s whales, dolphins and their ocean habitat. They believe that it is important to involve the public in their mission. They encourage the community to connect with them and to become a part of their community of people who care about the future of our planet's oceans.