Hero Project

Ellie H.

My Inspiration, My Hero, My Mom

My mom, Deb, works in a hospital helping people ever day. She has been working in a hospital for about 20 years. Shortly after I was born, my dad had to go on deployment for the Navy. My mom had to go to work and still take care of a baby at the same time. My mom inspires me to help others no matter what and to always do what is right.

One Word, Four Letters

One word, four letters. Hero. What does it mean to you? What does it mean to anyone?

The term is so broad, no one can actually come up with a definition in which everyone agrees upon. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary the word has many synonyms, such as god or idol. The word itself means a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities. Another definition stated on the website is a person who is greatly admired. To me, the word hero is not actually someone one looks up to. A hero is someone who makes a sacrifice for the good of others, a person who does a courageous act putting others before them, or a person who stands up to others for the better good.

A hero is a fireman who walks into the twin towers on nine eleven. Imagine what this

fireman is thinking. Consider the huge life changing choice he has to make. This fireman has to choose between going into a building that is starting to break down and he has to go in and try and save as many people as he can or he can stay out of the building and save himself. He decides to go inside even when he knows there is a possibility he dies in there. He goes in anyway because he wants to save those people. Even when knowing how dangerous it is to go in, he goes in to save other people. He puts other people's needs in front of his. He makes the sacrifice of what could be his life to help others. Not only is this man courageous, kind, and strong, but this fireman is a hero.

A hero is someone who stands up to people when they believe they are doing something

wrong or harming others. In a schoolyard during recess Jack is beating up Connor and a teacher does not see it happening. Will does see they bullying and goes over and tells the bully, Jack, to stop. Will is a hero because he stood up for Connor and he stopped Jack from hurting him. Will was standing up for what he believes in. Will believed it was wrong of Jack to be bullying Connor and physically hurting him, so Will stood up to him making him a hero.

Clearly, the fireman and Connor are both great heroes. Anyone who can put people's

needs in front of theirs or stand up to someone when they believing they are doing something wrong are true heroes. The definition of hero goes beyond the one in the dictionary. Some people consider heroes one might look up to, but really they are people who make great risks for others. Not many people have the confidence or strength to be a hero, but the few that do have made a real difference in this world. So, who’s going to be the next hero, will it be you? In the end it doesn't take much to be a hero, it just takes courage.

My Untouchable Hero

A hero is someone who makes a sacrifice for the good of others, a person who does a courageous act by putting others before themselves, a person who stands up to others for the better good, or someone who just simply helps others for no personal gain. My untouchable hero is Nelson Mandela. According to the Contemporary Black Biography, Nelson Mandela was a human rights activist, the first black president of South Africa, and received a Nobel Peace Prize. Nelson Mandela is known for his peaceful protesting against the South African government and for spending twenty-eight years in prison for going against the government. Nelson Mandela represents a true hero due to his willingness to stand up to a racist government and doing what is best for the people.

Nelson Mandela is a hero because of his courageousness against his government, his willingness to do what is right for the people, and the kindness he spread to everyone. According to an interview done by Newsweek, Nelson Mandela won the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize due to his efforts towards making South Africa a non-racial democracy. This shows Nelson Mandela is a hero because he contributed so much towards the effort that he won a prize. Also, according to National Geographic, Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for twenty-eight years because he stood up to the government and attempted to put an end to apartheid. Nelson Mandela spent twenty-eight years of his life in prison because he stood up for what he believed in. He made a sacrifice for the good of others, showing he is a true hero. Nelson Mandela spent his whole life in a battle against his government and sacrificed a lot to get the government to be where it is today.

Nelson Mandela is similar to my mom, my personal hero, because they both dedicate (dedicated) their lives to helping others. My mom works in a hospital and spends everyday of her life helping others, similar to Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela helped others by standing up for them and my mom helps others by treating them so they can become healthy. Nelson Mandela spent twenty-eight years in prison for standing up to his government. My mom takes time out of her life everyday to help others. Once there was an unattended car crash on the highway and she pulled over and started helping people involved in the crash. In the end, they are both heroes whether they stood up against their government or just help others in general.

Both of my heroes are very different. Nelson Mandela spent his life standing up to his government and my mom just helps people stay healthy. Those are two very different types of heroes. One is standing up for the good of others and the other is just helping others for no personal gain. If my untouchable hero was here I think he would tell me to take matters into my own hands and not stand back and let others do things for me. I think that would make me more willing to do even the small things in life for myself, like cleaning my own dishes. I have learned from my untouchable hero that the only way something will change is to help make it change. If I do not like the way someone is treating me, I cannot just stand back and let it happen, I have to make something change. My personal hero has taught me that not everything in life has to be rewarded. You can do something just to do it.