Oneida Nation

"People of the Standing Stone"

Past History

The Oneida Nation lived in longhouses in Wisconsin and New York. The Oneida fought with the Iroquois tribe. The Oneida tribe was called, "The Oneida Warriors."

Present History

There are two tribes: one is in New York and the other is in Wisconsin . They still live in longhouses.


The Oneida Nation people wore breech cloth, leggings, aprons, and Iroquios Moccasins.


The Oneida's lived in longhouses, tepees, wigwam homes, plank houses, and chickee's.


The Oneida liked to play with cornhusk dolls, lacrosse, and throw darts at a hoop.

Interesting Facts

The Oneida people played the drums and the flute. Most Oneida spoke English. Oneida read legends for their stories. They have flags for the Oneida band.