The Baddest of them all

Jesse James a bank robber and Murder.

Life Growing up as Jesse James

Jesse James was born in Clay County, Missouri, on September 5, 1849. Some people thought that for how bad he was, Jesse James must have been born an outlaw but he wasn't. Jesse James’ mom was Zerelda James. He was the third child out of 4. Jesse James’ brother was Frank James, Robert James and his sisters name was Susan. One day soldiers came to his house and hung up Jesse James's dad but his mom saved him just in time. Jesse James thought he lost his dad forever but he was still alive. In 1881, Jesse James married Zerelda Mimms.They had 2 children. On April 3, 1882, Jesse James died by being shot by his own gang member. He died in 1882 at the age 34.

Jesse James Bad life times

Jesse James was a really good at not getting noticed in big crowds whenever he's around people. Jesse James was a murder and a robber Jesse James killed over 483 men and many women to He also robbed about 25 trains and banks towns February 13, 1869, Jesse James attempted a robbery but failed and almost died.Jesse James stole gold and thousands of dollars from the highest secured banks in town. Jesse James Gang was Frank James and Robert Ford. Jesse James gang has been murdering and robbing for 16 years. Some people don't know why Jesse James Started doing this but he did. Jesse James was one of the top outlaw and the most famous outlaw to Whenever Jesse James gave them the money that they got Ford someone in the gang whenever he heard about the reward money he wanted to turn in Jesse James by killing him.and Frank were the ones who wanted to stay in the gang because they thought Jesse James would eventually give them so of the money that they stole from a bank of a


What he acted like

Jesse James was a cruel Pearson He was cruel because he murdered people more than anyone else he murdered men women and children it is very sad that he decided to

this. He also was greedy he didn't want anyone to keep the stuff that they had so he robbed the richest and got their gold and money also all kinds of worthless jewelry. Whenever his gang helped him robbed banks and stole stuff he wanted to keep it all to himself. Because Jesse James wanted to keep it all to himself his gang members started to give themselves up and live with obeying the rules. Whenever Robert