The Constitution

Summative Assessment

Articles of Confederation

The reason why it fell is because there wasn't a lot of agreement in the congress. So they dropped it also for the fact that money was running low. After the convention the Articles of Confederation was replaced with the Constitution of The US. Its not like anyone had a choice whether it was dropped of not but from hearing about the Articles of Confederation in the book, I'm actually happy that we changed to the Constitution, but that doesn't mean I'm happy with the USA as it stands right now.

The Different Branches of Government

There are three different branches of Government.

1. The Legislative Branch: The branch that has the power to make and/or break laws.

2. The Judicial Branch: A system of courts, would apply and interpret the laws.

3. The Executive Branch: Carries out or executes the laws.

Checks and Balances would do just that, it would keep the 3 branches in check and would also keep the power of the 3 balanced.

Bill of Rights

Well the rights that I would choose would be the right to bear arms and the freedom of religion, press, speech, assembly, and petition. Why? Because I feel that having a firearm of any sort to protect yourself and your loved ones is worth taking the time and money put in to learning how to use and operate one. Also with the freedom of speech and religion and etc, I feel that it gives you just that. It gives you freedom to do whatever whenever you want as long as it abides by the laws.

Power to the People

The last two amendments were included to help keep a proper balance of the rights and power among the federal government, the people, and the states. Meaning that those two amendments keep the power of the government, people, and the states equal so nobody is above anyone... we are all equal. Which means the people and states have the right to vote for the next president and vice president every 4 years.