Al Capone

By: melanie dueling

Capones early life

Al Capone (Scar Face) was born on January 17th of 1899 in Brooklyn, New York. Capone's parents were Teresina Capone and Gabriel Capone. Capone was not such a good kid in school he harmed a teacher and then got expelled. Capone was never a good kid.

Capones crimes

Al Capone committed many crimes but the most important is the valentines day massacre. During the valentines day massacre Capone killed seven men. The valentines day massacre was the bloodiest day in that time. There is one important crime that Capone committed it was the reason that he actually went to prison and it is tax evasion. Capone plead guilty for tax evasion. Capone was sentenced 11 years in prison. That is how they were able to get him in Alcatraz. He was sent to the state prison for carrying a concealed weapon.

Prison for Capone

Capone attended the state penitentiary in Philadelphia but they let Capone have a luxury cell he had couches, radio, silk underwear, and many more. Al Capone was later sent to Alcatraz because he did not follow the rules at the state prison and no one gets special treatment at Alcatraz which means he was not able to bring in all the stuff he brought in to the state prison.

Capone's final days

Capone had a sickness called syphilis in 1958. he had, had it for a couple years when Capone died he got buried at mount caramel cemetery in Chicago he had a long life most of it killing and harming people and the rest in prison. he died January 25th 1947.


Capone was one of the worst criminals. yes, he killed lots of people and harmed lots of people. Capone did not have a bank account so when he bought stuff he used cash and he would buy stuff under family members names. Capone was like a drug dealer but instead of drugs it was alcohol which was highly illegal. Capone did lots of things that he should have gotten in trouble for but he gets put in prison for tax evasion. The only reason he got put in for tax evasion is because they did not have enough proof that it was him harming others. Al Capone was not the person you would expect to be caring and smart instead he was careless and stupid.