Your vote counts!

Corey Graves

Voter Registration Procedures/Requirements

To register to vote in North Carolina you must:

  • be a citizen of the United States
  • be a resident of North Carolina and the county in which you live for at least 30 days prior to the election
  • be 18 years of age by the day of the election
  • have your rights of citizenship restored if you have been convicted of a felony
  • not be registered or vote in any other county or state

Voter registration deadline: 25 days before the election.

Steps In Voting

1)Find out if you're eligible to vote in the next election.
Find out if you're already registered.
Register to vote
4)Learn where your polling place is
Obtain a sample ballot
Educate yourself on the candidates and the issues
If you are voting at the polling place
7)Go to your polling place.
Fill out the ballot as you wish.
Review your ballot
If you are voting Early/Absentee:
Apply in writing to your city election commission
Wait for your ballot to arrive.
Fill out your ballot.
13)Send it back

Voting Behavior

A) who votes/Who doesn't vote:

Regular voters, Intermittent voters vote and Registered but rare voters and Unregistered adults do not

B)straight VS Split ticket voting: straight is when you vote for people in one party while split you vote for multiple parties

C)Ballot Fatigue: ballot fatigue, also called voter fall-off, or roll-off, which refers to a voter completing only the first part of a ballot

Voter Information

Is a form that tells you where and when to vote.