The Coca-Cola Factory

We Should Go To The Coca-Cola Factory For Our Field Trip


Coke. Cola. Coca-Cola. Whatever you call it, there are factories for it and you can learn more about the Coke you are drinking

Reason 1: Good Price

The first reason we should go is the price. It costs a little amount for kids. They have a discount for field trips. It costs $10.00 for kids and $15.00 for adults. This does not include anything about money, but they have special parking spots for buses.

Reason 2: Good For Learning

The people at The Coca-Cola Factory can show you how to bottle up Coke. They can also show you how to make Coke. They can possibly show you the machinery to make Coke and other stuff.

Reason 3: F.U.N.

The Coca-Cola Factory can be a lot of fun. You can meet the people who work there. They have Coke you can drink and more than 100 other beverages. You can meet the Coca Cola bear. They have galleries with pictures. They have the Coca-Cola theater, and a 4-D theater.


The Coca-Cola Factory is a fantastic learning experience and you can still have a lot of fun!!