Ego and the Ego less

The key is to not let technology overshadow that of which we are teaching. It is important to know the boundaries of when it harms our students and when it is benefiting them. When student start to lose themselves in the neatness of the app and not in the content of the lesson we as educators have failed. The newest gadgets should never replace the awe of the students have in learning something new. We must keep students humble do not let the grasp of technology inflate their ego to the point it inhibits their ability to learn. We as teachers are responsible to our students to make sure that the develop the necessary social skills and that they don't lose those skills in the world of coding and apps.

The Machine

The main point of point one discuses that we as humans are similar on a deeper level. That it does not deny that people are different in different contexts that it is insist that in some way or another core of humanity is present in each and every case. That having and environment being saturated in technology is a hindrance to being fully human. That the over use of technology, technology make nature a "standing reserve". The over use of technology can make us almost less human. We just go along with what we are told to do. Never questioning. As a teacher we need to make sure that our students can connect to their humanities and that they question what they are being told to do. They should not be lambs being lead to slaughter. Teachers need to teach their students to question how the technology is used/ made; instead of just using it. This is a valuable skill for them to have as they age using more and different technology. To be able to analyze and disconnect from it is key to keeping our humanity.

This is Your Brain on Technology

That we as a species must us tools and technology is just another technology. However, it can put us onto the golden road to unlimited material progress, or take us further away from our humanity. Teachers need to teach their children how to use such tools to better prepare them for the future and how to figure them out on their own. For example a builder learns from another builder on how to properly use the tools to accomplish the job.
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Death by Admusment

The over stimulus can wreck havoc on the education of the people. We need to limit technology and use it only when it correlates with the thing being learned. As teachers we need to make sure the students have to tools they need to learn but at the same time keeping the distraction to a minimum. For example every students has a I pad he or she uses in class. How is it for them to act like they are playing attention but are really playing games. What does this mean for class participation. Things like this need to be taken seriously when considering a lesson plan. We need to remember to turn off the phones, computers, and tablets and let kids be kids. To learn at times with out the crutch that is technology.
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