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Don't worry about the usual harsh thing, that is the process of getting funded

At Guish, we always think forward and are most of the times one step ahead of the competition. Normally, if you want to become an entrepreneur, chances are you get stuck on your funding needs. And instead of worrying with how great your product will be, headaches will come over and over again, because the money out there won't get into your future company pockets. But, hey, stop thinking it is impossible. From now on you deserve the best and only the best.

Here are the great news: you can skip all the regular entrepreneur process by ordering one of our packs, like this one, the National. The National pack works in a very simple manner. For $300, we will develop everything you need to set up your company in your own country with a more faster way than those naive snobs from consulting corporations, that will charge tons of your precious dollars for 30 pages without even creating an idea.

But, remember the great news we mentioned above? The 300$ includes funding already. Yes, funding. Not only we create just for you, a unique over the top idea based in the field of business you always wanted to work, but we will arrange the funding from our financiers network we've built along the years. And as they are used to work with us, they know, our productivity at quality is quite simple the best. The thing is: with that $300, our company will make a small evaluation to your entrepreneurs skills by taking you a simple questionnaire, and if you pass, our team of entrepreneurship experts, in the background, will do the pitching internally between the money holders and the idea we designed for you. The best part is if nothing happens, you get to keep the business plan, (which normally costs $5000), the marketing plan, the business idea, the market research and all the documents and contacts, all of that for free. That's right, your order already includes that.

Do you know that 90% of startups bankrupt after their first year?

Our business model is focused in creating business companies. Because we hold a small part of them, it is from our interest that they prosper. The more money you make, the more money we make also. And that is our secret.

Altough secrets are no longer the key to success, however the secret is R&D and innovations, but in a strong, steady and continuous pace. If we create stunning business's, our reputation will improve behind investors all over around the world. And if our brand is recognizable for being a business company factory, more easily we'll sell our packs and money flow will flourish among you and us.

Other packs? Yes we have

Meet the company


We are a company with capabilities and added value, wanting to give our best to our customers . Our vision focuses on being able to collaborate with those in need that for some reason feel unable to continue their professional track to a dead-end job with no prospects for growth on their lives. We do not want to be just another in the midst of so many , we want to be different , we believe in people above all. Our motto supports everyone has the capacity to give their best in a trust environment where all the effort is worth setting, and not where you do more does not pay and is the watchword . Creativity plays an essential role in Guish, without it we would not be in active . So you can tell, that, when hired we'll be something never seen , or at least never heard of, because that's the way we work, constantly creating innovative and winning ideas , inventing products and services that the market never seen, making us pioneers in most of the cases . Take your decision now , make the decision that will change your career path , your entire life. Because being an entrepreneur does not have to be an unreachable goal and as always, like our slogan says:

"Great minds, always prosper".