magnets always attract to each other

By:Miranda Monge

Magnets don't attract to everything.Magnets only attract to specific metal.They can be found almost everywhere,but they are not sold everywhere.Magnets got a negative and positive charge.When they are near each other you can can feel the between the two.Opposite ends attract.Magnets attract to the opposite sides of the metal.They get there strength from there size.They come fro magnetite. They.They are naturally.Though you can make magnets.They got there name from the rock they came from.The characteristics of magnetic materials is that they attract to each other.Magnetic materials attract attracts to anything made or contains iron.It also attracts paper clips and nickles.Steel can attracts because it has iron in it.Magnets don't repel copper,plastic ,aluminum,cotton,rubber,cloth,or metal.The magnetic field's force can attracts metal.

One pole is called the north pole and the other pole is called the south pole.Identical pole will repel each other.Opposite poles attract.The strongest points are at the pole.If you hold a magnet on a string and dangle it,will point north.

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