Morello Park Winter Newsletter

Mrs. Joslin, Principal

Engaging Wildlife Assembly

Wildlife Associates presented, "Spirit of the Rainforest" to all of our students. They brought out an Anteater, Coendou, Prehensile Tailed Skink, Scarlet Macaw and a Spectacled Owl. Children learned about the rainforest, habitats and the people who inhabit them. This engaging presentation was brought to our students by you all as our PTA funded this amazing event. To learn more about the presentation, go to

Dr. Martin Luther King, Junior

All students at Morello learned about important African American people in history, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Junior. All students learned songs in their classrooms and out at lunch with Mrs. Joslin. Parents received special links with the songs over the holiday weekend so they too could sing the songs with their children. Throughout February, we will be talking about people who have influenced our country and have worked towards equality and peace.

Report Cards and Grades

All students received report cards on January 25th at Morello. We always encourage parents to talk with their children about doing their personal best and celebrating their successes. We all learn at at different pace and we all learn differently. If you have any questions regarding your child's progress, we encourage you to reach out to your child's teacher. We strive to be partners with you so together we can work towards your child's learning goals.

Kiwanis Club

We would like to thank the Kiwanis Club of Martinez for their generous donations to our library. We are grateful for their continued support each year.

Spectacular Daughter Dance

Balloons, lights, music, desserts, fancy dresses, adults dressed nicely.....what do these words all have in common? Yes! We had a great turnout at the, "Daughter Dance." This year instead of making it a "Father Daughter" event, we opened it up to any adult that could bring the child and called it, "A Daughter Dance." We recognize that there are all kinds of families and at Morello, we want to make sure everyone feels comfortable and is able to participate. Thank you PTA for sponsoring this great event and thank you to all of the parents who graciously volunteered.

Super Son Event

Music, games, food, desserts, super heros and adults dressed for action....what does that equal? You've got it! We had a full of fun and energy evening with our sons at Morello. We had moms and dads joining us for games and dancing. Thank you parents for volunteering and PTA for sponsoring this fun night.

Congratulations Mrs. Benz and Mrs. Ferreira

Congratulations to Mrs. Amy Benz for being chosen as, "Morello Park's Teacher of the Year" and Mrs. Ferreira for being chosen as our, "Classified Employee of the Year." We are very grateful for their service and love they so generously show for children each day. Both ladies were honored at the MUSD Board Meeting and at our site. Please join us in congratulating them.

Read Across America Guest Readers

We had some guest readers who were invited by teachers to sharing their love for reading with our students. We wanted to thank the following readers: CJ Cammack, Superintendent; Tom Doppe, Director of Educational Services, Susan Bray, Intervention Specialist/ Clerk and Mrs. Joslin, Principal. "You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax. All you need is a book."-Dr. Seuss

Coffee with Mrs Joslin

Thank you parents who came to the, "Coffee with the Principal." We talked about different applications your children might be using on their ipads, gaming units or devices. We shared strategies for keeping up to date and discussed how to keep our children safe.

Share the Love Success

Thank you to each family who shared the love and brought in food to share in our community. The Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano received 309 pounds of food from Morello. This program serves 178,000 people each month and distributes over 70,000 pounds of food each day to: children, seniors, low-income families or just hungry people. Thank you Mrs. Bray for coordinating this wonderful program here at Morello Park.

Student Council Election Spring Semester

Congratulations to all of the students who courageously ran for office at Morello Park. Thank you Mrs. Silva for coordinating our election. Our officers for this next semester will be:

President, Shane Bower

Vice-President, Jolie Cortez

Treasurer: Calina Montero

Secretary: Briar Cue