By Brock A Riege

This Was Really Devastating

45,000 Died in this tsunami and yet many survived because they were already escaped on top of buildings or even they were just on a high ground area where the water could not reach. Reporters and other people say that they should have been warned. But how could they the wave was so big and it just came out of the blue so there was really nothing they could have done. One way that the tsunami happened was the tectonic plates were smashing together and they made a tsunami.

Location where they could have gone.

Well they couldn't really have gone anywhere so if they were to go somewhere it would be on top of the largest building. But like the reporters said "it was coming so fast and it was so big that the people that got stuck somewhere bye bye there life. What I mean is that when they get caught up in the white wash or current they will not be able to get out. Also the rubble and the cars like that kind of stuff.

Some Pictures and Videos.


Japan Earthquake: Helicopter aerial view video of giant tsunami waves


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