Book club for teachers

Need to turn off from your subject area and feed the soul?

The library needs to be used by all- students and staff. Rarely do teachers and support staff have the time to look at what we have in the library. This is an opportunity to scan the shelves, have a look at some books that we've selected that we think you'll enjoy and chat to others about what you're reading. We can make a plan for how we would like next years book club to be organised..

Meeting on the second Friday of every month at 4pm (8 November is the first meeting)

Some staff have mentioned they're keen to resume a book book club- where we can relax and share what we've read and recommend good reads to others. We have such a good collection and it's continually growing.

Come along to the library on Friday 8 November and relax with a book!

Some new books you maybe interested in..

The Luminaries by Elenore Catton

forget the long waiting list at you public library.. we have it on offer at QMC