Smaug is Dead!!!

and the gold is yet to be claimed

Smaug's rain of terror has finally ended

Smaug's end

Who to come and save the town but Bard, of the line of Girion. The dragon-shooter

With his last arrow (an iron one I might add) he shot Smaug in his weak spot, that was not known till now.

On one fateful night, down from the lonely mountain he came.

Roaring flames followed him wherever he went.

Smaug pillaged and plundered till the lake town was no more, and with his last shot Bard killed the huge beast.

The Battle of Five Armies

After Smaug was killed the lake town was afire and utterly destroyed. The people pleaded the elves to come aid them in this time of peril. The Elves come, but much to to the people’s despair they weren’t the only ones. The goblins came due to the incentive of gold. They ravaged the Lake town and attacked the lonely mountain and it’s occupants.

They build forts and walls to protect themselves but they would never hold. The eagles came to their aid. Down from the misty mountains they came and brought utter destruction upon the goblins. It wasn’t enough, it wouldn’t have ever been enough. But in the last hour Beorn came out of nowhere, in bear form he attacked, and dwindled the Goblins numbers greatly.

The Goblins were defeated at last, and the Battle of The Five Armies won. There were many casualties on both sides, and without the aid of Beorn and the eagles the People and the dwarves would have never won.

The Lake town was rebuilt, and the Lonely mountain restored. The share of gold was split up evenly. And everyone got to go home, even the Bilbo Baggins who did nothing but wish to be back in his hobbit hole.

Interview with Bilbo Baggins (the burglar)

Interviewer: What was the most nerve wracking part of the adventure?

Bilbo: There were many, but I'd have to say when I was captured by the three idiotic trolls and they tried to eat me.

Interviewer: Bilbo, why did you agree to go on the journey if you think they are terrible and awful things?

Bilbo: Well I couldn't let them go on their adventure with only 13 men! 13 is an unlucky number, horrendous things could have happened to them!

Interviewer: What would you say you learned from the experience

Bilbo: I learned many things, but if I’d have to guess to would probably be to never come unprepared for an adventure. I hardly had a handkerchief throughout the whole thing!

Interviewer: I guess that leads to my next question, how should you prepare for a journey?

Bilbo: You should have proper clothing for the worst conditions, have some money in case you find some shelter along the way and must pay to use it, and bring food and water so you don't die of hunger or thirst, and of course always have extra Handkerchiefs!

Interviewer: How, would you say you contributed during the adventure?

Bilbo: oh, what an interesting question! I certainly saved the dwarves quite a bunch of times and I did try to reason with Smaug.

Obituary of Thorin Oakenshield

I regretfully inform you that the great Thorin Oakenshield son of the Thrain passed on. He honorably died during the battle of the Five Armies due to several spears protruding from his chest. He and his several companions were on a quest to take back their home (the Lonely Mountain) and succeeded only to the consequence of his and his companions Fili and Kili’s death. His friends and companions Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf the Grey and several other dwarves traveled with him and miss him severely. He was rather temperamental and prideful, but that is expected for the king under the mountain. He will be known throughout Middle Earth as the King of Erebor, Son of Thrain, son of Thror and a fighter till the very end.
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The Hobbit


  1. mountain full of gold
  2. he killed Smaug
  3. Bilbo stole it from Thorin himself


  1. the hobbit/ main character
  2. dragon that lives under mountain
  3. King of Erebor
  4. told riddles to Bilbo
  5. name of Bilbo's sword (dagger)
  6. they threatened to eat everyone
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