Typhoid Fever

Everything you need to know about Typhoid Fever.

Cause of Typhoid Fever?

Typhoid Fever is caused by salmonella typhi-bacteria , or salmonella paratyphi.

How is the disease transmitted?

You can get Typhoid fever if you eat or drink something that has been handled or used by someone with Typhoid Fever. Asia, Africa, and Latin America or some of the most likely places to get Typhoid Fever, so make sure you're careful!
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What are some symptoms of the disease?

Some symptoms are high fever (as high as 104 Fahrenheit), and stomach pains. You also may feel weak, have a head ache, have a loss of appetite, and possibly a rash.
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Ways you can prevent yourself from the disease?

One of the most effective ways to prevent typhoid fever is to get the vaccine. You also may want to wash your hands frequently , and take the normal precautions to avoid getting sick. Also, avoid untreated water, and stick to hot food rather than raw fruits and vegetables.
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How is the disease treated?

Typhod fever is treated with different medicines and antibiotics that kill salmonella bacteria. In more serious cases, you may have your gallbladder removed.
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Some facts about Typhoid Fever...

  • Around 430-424 B.C., it is believed that Typhoid Fever killed 1/3 of the Athens population.
  • IN 1847, Almroth Edward Wright created a vaccine.
  • Mary Mallon was the first reported American carrier of the disease, and to make it worse...she was a cook.
  • In 19th century France, the Typhoid Fever was known as "suette Milliaire".

Quote :)

.. in time of war, soldiers, however sensible, care a great deal more on some occasions about slaking their thirst than about the danger of enteric fever.
[Better known as typhoid, the disease is often spread by drinking contaminated water.]

-Winston Churchill

Typhoid Fever & Salmonella typhi