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Celebrating Student Success!

TMS recognizes students and honors student voice in a variety of ways:

"All-Around" Students of the Month (staff recommendations)
Music Students of the Month (staff recommendations)
Physical Education Students of the Quarter (staff recommendations)
TMStudent Leaders/Coalition Cafe (peer-mentoring group - staff recommendations)
TMS Food Advisory Group (staff recommendations)
All-State Musical Artists (merit based)
Scholastic Art Awards (merit based)
National Geographic Bee (merit based)
Regional, State, National Spelling Bee (merit based)
Quarterly Honor Roll (merit based)
Quarterly High Honor Roll (merit based)
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May 2017 STUDENTS OF THE MONTH - Pictured left to right:

Gr. 8: Carlington Hall and Isabel Van Reggenmorter
Gr. 7: Kate Zmich and Zachary Sullivan
Gr. 6: Brady Oliveira and Kayden Gallego
Gr. 5: Brody Del Deo, Olivia Corga
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April 2017 STUDENTS OF THE MONTH -- Pictured left to right:

Grade 8 – Dylan Korzeniowski & Jarred Rogers

Grade 7 – Jared Rego & Jaelyn Brayton

Grade 6 – Joshua Wood & Kasey Tappen

Grade 5 – Yara Chamseddine & Eilish Condon

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March 2017 STUDENTS OF THE MONTH - Pictured from left to right:

Grade 8 – Sarah Vertentes and Rileigh Huchel

Grade 7 – Ellis Wise and Sarah Souza

Grade 6 – Joseph Awad and Madison Rosinha

Grade 5 – Jason Raymond and Cameron Lambert

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February 2017 STUDENTS OF THE MONTH - Pictured from left to right:

Mackenzie Oliveira - gr 6
Eli Litchfield - gr 5
Julia Polofsky - gr 5

Xavier Thibault - gr 8

Amber Medeiros - gr 8

Jack Lapointe - gr 6

Jordan Sullivan - gr 7
Jenna Sullivan - gr 7

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January 2017 STUDENTS OF THE MONTH - Pictured from left to right are:

Grade 8: Madison Pelletier, Aubrey McConnell
Grade 7: Alicia Case, Emma Lopes
Grade 6: Tyler Landoch, Cooper Hair
Grade 5: Kelsey Walker, Ryan Hite
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December 2016 STUDENTS OF THE MONTH - Pictured left to right:

Grade 8: Eliana Ingel, Caroline Moran
Grade 7: Morgan Audette, Grace Plourde
Grade 6: Alexander Nimiroski, Alexandria Miley
Grade 5: Nick Nasiff, Emily Pensak
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November 2016 STUDENTS OF THE MONTH - Pictured from left to right:

From left to right:
Grade 8: Fred Bebe, Kyla Barnhart
Grade 7: Emma Baker, Andrew Bourassa
Grade 6: Madison Mello, Dylan Combra
Grade 5: Lliam Walsh, Sydney Simmons



TMS Sixth Graders Celebrate Heroes of the American Revolution! See link below!


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Mock Presidential Election, Thursday, November 3, 2016

Lane Sparkman, the Education and Public Programs Coordinator from the RI Secretary of State’s office, delivered the ballot reader to TMS before homeroom and helped us get started with the election in the morning. She was wonderful! The ballot reader was user friendly, and the volunteers from the Tiverton Board of Canvassers were a tremendous help. Volunteering with us today included Nancy Mello, Paul Amaral, Bobby Harris, and DeEtta Moran. TMS Social Studeis Coordinator, Christine Costa, spoke with each of them during transition times, and learned about their involvement with the Board of Canvassers.

Lane suggested that we set up several desks in a row facing the front doors for students to cast their votes on the ballots. It really opened up the area to allow for an easy traffic pattern to the ballot reader. The students commented throughout the day how they thought it was "so cool" to be using the real ballot reader and how great it was that their voted counted!

Reading the results at the end of the day was so exciting. Mrs. Costa read each candidate with his/her votes and then the declared the winner (Clinton). For the casino vote, She read the votes for those who approved and those who rejected and then declared the winner (approved). The casino race will be a close one in Tiverton!

The ballot reader made the process more real for the students. The mock election as a whole taught our students about the importance of having our voices heard and making informed decisions at the polls.

Tiverton Middle School Mock Election Results

Presidential Results

Donald J. Trump 278 Votes

Hillary Clinton 346 Votes *Winner

Gary Johnson 37 Votes

Jill Stein 17 Votes

“Rocky” Roque De La Fuente 10 Votes

Write-in 69 Votes

Rhode Island Twin River Casino in Tiverton, Question 1

Approve 288 Votes *Winner

Reject 259 Votes

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Mr. Leary's 8th Graders create their own 21st-Century versions of the "Cave Paintings of Lascaux"



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Peaches (6th graders voted, to name her), TMS' lovable Corn Snake, molts for a 2nd time this year!


ELA Corner


This winter, our students will be participating in March Book Madness. It is a bracket-style tournament that matches books in one-on-one "games." The games will be decided by a simple vote on a Google Form. Students will be voting individually and/or as a class. After each round of voting the bracket will be updated and the next round of voting will begin. The 'Bracket' will be announced on February 8, 2017 and voting will start on March 1, 2017. Students have jumped right into this challenge and are excitedly tracking what they read. The books for this year’s bracket are pictured below.
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Get Your Game On!

-- TMS' 2017 Bananagrams Tournament will be taking place in January and February: Finals after school 2/9/2017

--Classrooms are beginning the 1st rounds of the annual TMS Spelling Bee: Grade Level Winners are due 1/27/2017

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8th graders present their "Poesters"... a mini-research project on the mysterious death of Edger Allan Poe



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Our 5th graders know: those who read succeed!



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7th Graders Enjoy a Field Trip into History!

Once a year, when it’s Christmas time at the Newport Mansions, America’s Gilded Age comes to life, as bright and vibrant as it was during a bygone era, when the country’s social history was being made by names like Vanderbilt and Astor. After studying "The Gilded Age," our all of our 7th graders and their teachers traveled to Newport for a tour of Breakers -- which is the grandest of all of the area's mansions and is the one that best represents the Gilded Age. It is a 70-room Italian Renaissance-style palazzo, built in 1895 for Cornelius Vanderbilt II, president and chairman of the New York Central Railroad.


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On Wednesday, October 26th, 6th-grade students embarked on their annual field trip to Boston’s Freedom Trail. It was a glorious fall day, filled with history and fascinating facts!

On Wednesday, October 19th, the entire 5th grade headed to Mystic Aquarium! Thank you A.S. Feinstein for your generosity -- free admission and help with transportation costs! You do so much for Rhode Island's children!
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All clubs meet on days when late buses are available (either on a Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday). Mr. Darryl Rodewald (drodewald@tivertonschools.org) is the late-bus supervisor.

GARDEN CLUB: The courtyard in the middle of the school is central to TMS' new Garden Club. At TMS, students learn about ecosystems. This allows our students to have a deeper understanding of concepts and apply their knowledge to real hands-on experiences. In regards to the garden, there are many benefits. The school garden can be: a source of food for improving children’s diets and nutrition sources; a source of healthy influences -- physical activity, ingredients for school meals; an area of learning -- about nature, agriculture, nutrition, math, and other subjects; a place of pleasure and recreation -- flowers and shrubs, play areas, shade, eating areas; a continuing lesson in respecting the environment and taking pride in one’s school; a gathering spot for our community to socialize. Join in the fun!

Chess/Checkers Lunch Club: Mrs. Margie Brennan runs this interactive alternative to the traditional lunch spent in the cafeteria. Students can challenge their peers to a game of chess or checkers during their assigned lunch time -- allowing for them to enjoy their afternoon meal and keep those neurons firing! Checkmate!

CYBERPATRIOT TEAM: TMS' CyberPatriot Team participates in the National Youth Cyber Defense Competition. Mr. Jay Szaro (jszaro@tivertonschools.org) is the advisor. The competition puts teams of high school and middle school students in the position of newly-hired IT professionals tasked with managing the network of a small company. In the rounds of competition, teams are given a set of virtual images that represent operating systems and are tasked with finding cybersecurity vulnerabilities within the images and hardening the system while maintaining critical services.

HOMEWORK CLUB: Homework Club runs every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday and is held in the TMS Library from 2:30pm to 3:30pm. TMS' Librarian, Ms. Deb O'Hara (Dohara@tivertonschools.org) is the club advisor.

MOCK TRIAL TEAM: We have several students signed up for the new Mock Trial Team. TMS' Social Studies Coordinator, Mrs. Christine Costa, is the Team's advisor and Attorneys Jeffrey Sowa, Jennifer St. Laurent, and Brigid Mitchell are serving as legal advisors to the team. Please tell your sons and daughters who are aspiring lawyers -- or who just like to argue with you (LOL!) -- to see Mrs. Costa for details (ccosta@tivertonschools.org). Here is a quick summary: the season runs from now until about May. There are three regular season trials followed by the playoff rounds. Round one is in November, two is in December, and round three should be in January. The playoffs will begin in February and go to the end of April. The trials are always in RI court rooms around the state, many of them in Providence court rooms, and they are from 12:30pm (arrival time 12:15) to about 2:00pm.

NEWSPAPER CLUB: This club is an offshoot of both the Yearbook Club and TMS' Community Service Program. Mrs. Louann Pauls (lpauls@tivertonschools.org) is the advisor. Generally, the Newspaper Club runs on the same days as the Yearbook Club.

SCIENCE CLUB: The TMS Science Club focuses on animals/endangered species. Ms. Ruth Kilby (rkilby@tivertonschools.org) is the advisor and is gearing up for the year's activities. Stay tuned.

SPECIAL OLYMPICS: TMS' Unified Basketball program -- in its 5th year -- gets our school spirit soaring! Ms. Deidre Gauch (dgauch@tivertonschools.org) is the point person for UBB.

WORLD CULTURES CLUB: This club focuses on world languages and cultures and is run by TMS' World Languages teachers, Ms. Kim Howland (khowland@tivertonschools.org) and Ms. M. Natalia Vieira (mvieira@tivertonschools.org) -- meeting days/times TBD.

YEARBOOK CLUB: This club is VERY popular -- and meets every Wednesday and Thursday, unless otherwise noted. Mr. Jay Szaro (jszaro@tivertonschools.org) is the advisor.

Stay tuned for more info, as there are after-school "pop up" activities (i.e. planned jewelry making classes and CPR certification classes) all the time! Be sure to check out the TMS web site and calendar to stay informed!

RIPCOA Sports Corner


Our co-ed XC team, once again, had a stellar season! With 75 athletes participating in all state meets, there were many team and personal wins! Cach Steve Schreiner always knocks it out of the park! Thank you XC parents who assist at every meet. We could not do this without you! Go Foxes!

The boys and girls basketball season starts at the end of November. Welcome Coach Mike Brigham -- and welcome back Coach Rachel Motta!We are all looking forward to a winning season!


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The TMS Garden Club Receives a Grant from Lowe's!

The Garden Club received their first grant from LOWE'S in the amount of $2,380! The first phase of cutting the tree down was complete after Thanksgiving and in the next few weeks, Garden Club members and those who want community service hours will be called to help clear the debris. Our goal for the spring is to level the area on the north side and set up the raised beds for the garden. Garden Club will resume in March full time on MONDAYS. As of now, it is full but if you would like to join, please stop by Mrs. Brennan's class to sign up on the wait list.

TMS' New GARDEN CLUB Starts Now!

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Our Garden Club has officially started. On Thursday, October 20th we will begin pulling out the over grown plants in the old pond in the courtyard. If you have gently used child-size gardening gloves, or gardening tools that we could borrow for that day, we would appreciate it. Also, the garden club is open to all grades at TMS. We meet twice a month -- with late bus availability.

In addition, I am looking for parents and/or community members who have experience and/or resources to help us. Whether it be in garden design, knowledge of proper planting time, or being able to help find materials, I would be happy to hear from you. Please email me. Most of the hands-on will begin in the spring, but the design must be planned.

With your help, I am sure that our school garden will be a success!


Margie Brennan

6th Grade Science Teacher



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Mrs. Maria Clarey -- TSD's 2016/17 Teacher of the Year -- is a true torch bearer!


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Mr. James Korney receives the Golden Apple Award (Mr. Korney was nominated by the Marshall Family)


Bring in your pull tabs for charity!

Please continue to bring in your can tabs. Mrs. Donna Neville continues to bring them to the Providence Ronald McDonald House. Thank you, Donna, for all you do!


TMS Mission Statement

Tiverton Middle School is committed to providing a learning environment that promotes the unique talents and abilities of all students, ensures high quality instruction, and actively engages families and the community. Our dedication to excellence is integral as we challenge, guide and support all students in their development towards becoming self-sufficient and contributing citizens of our local and global communities.