6 Weeks Project

3rd 6 Weeks

BY: Tommy Fincher

  • DEF: Time or place the characters play their part in.
  • EX: Twas the night before Christmas. Setting is important because, setting tells the reader where the story takes place.


  • DEF: First paragraph of a story that grabs the readers attention
  • EX: Tommy got out of bed, and looked at his alarm clock. He was running late! He would have to hurry to catch the bus. He was glad that he woke up when he did, or else he would have missed the bus!

Plot development:

  • DEF: literary term used to describe the events that make up the story or the main part of a story.
  • EX: Exposition-beginning, rising action, climax-middle, falling action, and resolution-end.

Rising action:

  • DEF: In a plot, is a series of relevant incidents that create suspense, interest and tension in a narrative.
  • EX: Liz hears a strange sound coming from the inside of her apartment as she was about to put her key in the door.


  • DEF: The most intense, exiting, or important point of something. The part you are most interested in or the turning point.
  • EX: Cinderella places her foot in the glass slipper and it is a perfect fit on her foot.

Falling action:

  • DEF: The consequences of the climax
  • EX: Justin learned to study with his sister, he passed his classes, and got his GPA up.


  • DEF: The stories central conflict is solved, although it is not always solved in a positive way or how the story ends.
  • EX: Tommy goes to TCU.

Body Paragraph:

  • DEF: paragraph that has 5 sentences. Topic sentence, supporting detail, supporting detail, supporting detail, and conclusion.
  • EX:
Topic sentence
supporting detail
supporting detail
supporting detail
conclusion sentence.

  • DEF: sentence or paragraph at the end of a story that is a summery of the paragraph before.
  • EX: That is why farmers grow crops.


  • DEF: Throw ideas about something
  • EX: Green, earth, humans, mammals.


  • DEF: reconsider and alter
  • EX: The cow laied in the field agenst a field.


  • DEF: Prepare for final copy by correcting, condensing, or otherwise modifying it.
  • EX: T X
  • ^ ^
  • Gime to go to asleep.

Rough draft:

  • DEF: The rough copy of the final draft.The
  • EX: TOMMY went to jack in the box to get some food.


  • DEF: an outline of speech.
  • EX: introduction



sensory language:

  • DEF: a way for the writer to help the reader see or connect with the story.
  • EX: Wake up and smell the roses.


  • DEF: a spoken or written account of connected events.
  • EX: setting


  • DEF: the process of production and dissemination of literature, music, or information.
  • EX: Setting, characters, and events in the story.

Descriptive language:

  • DEF: Using a lot of details in the writing.
  • EX: my sister, Shelly told my mom and dad what she got me for the Christmas of 2015.

Graphic organizer:

  • DEF: a way to break down the elements of a story.
  • EX: Tom Both Jerry

Topic sentence:

  • DEF: 1 sentence that tells the reader what the story is about.
  • EX: I think ball handles are very important to the game of basketball.