By: Tyrus,Taly,Sydney,Holden,Mari-Joe

Imagine Yourself in Houston...

Come enjoy the breathtaking expirience of the city representing Sam Houston.

Take a break from the distractions surrounding you and enjoy the deep sea,wild animals,placed into the aquarium.Come inside and see the seas inner beauty.Have an expirience of a life time and ride through the sharks lair.

Be prepared for surprises at the Houston Rodeo, where your children and you can have an exciting time. Your child can chase a sheep or baby cow, and if they get it, they'll win an exciting prize. As you sit down throughout the crowd, rodeo clowns will sling-shot t-shirts that you are available to catch one.

Come down town to Houston,Texas to visit different species and wild animals.Facts are laid throughout the zoo on poster boreds to display for learning.Feel and touch the interesting and so called" dangerous" sting ray.

Space center;interesting educational scientific,full of surprises and watch clips of Neil