History of Apple

Iphone, Ipads, and computers

Created the Company

On April 1976, Apple was created and the first Apple computer made by Steve Wozniak with his partner Ronald Waynes. He started making the computer in his garage when he was still working with new technology like calculators at the time and completed a new game for 4 days. He said¨he was capable of designing anything”. That’s when they both dropped out of college to give this business everything they had.They had ask the bank for a loan but they denied. So,his friend dad offer $5,000.00 but that wasn’t enough so he sold his calculator for $250.00 and his white and red bus for $1,500.00 to start the company, with the $5,000.00 too.He was trying to find a company to buy the 1 Apple computer. He got denied the first time, then he got improved by Company Gutsard

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The team had only invented the Ipads(1 and 2) and the first apple computer. They had changed a lot of ideas and added them. For example , putting a case on the computer and making it fully built.They also changed the price for it for $666.66 will it was sold from instead of paying $777.77 . They are making Iphone 6’s and more Ipads with fingerprints. They are better now the in the past because they totally upgraded the whole system by having 3D apps and other cool things.

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What people wanted?

The people wanted more stuff and new stuff from apple because it helped in everyday life. That have a phone that has cool features and has nice quality.Just being different than having a Samsung and an Android.

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The business is important by inventing this awesome idea.They had loved this business from the start by jumping out of college and giving this company everything they have.And making great things under the company.


The company made a popular product because it has fingerprints and better features they other phones.The Apple company had been around for 50 years so far and I believe it’s the best top seller because almost everyone has a iphone and wants it.

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