Kaitlyn Turner

7th grade art.

What we've learned so far...

We have learned many things in the first 2 weeks of art, for example: Line, Shape, Form, Value etc. For Line, we learned about the different types of line ; expressive line, and contour line. For shape, we learned about organic and geometric shapes. For shape and form, we created sculptures inspired by the artist Peter Reginato and Henri Matisse.

One of the more recent lesson we have learned is the culture behind Dia de los Muertos, or day of the dead. We used our prior knowledge of shape, line and form to create drawings of sugar skulls. Some Day of the dead drawings even got into the Tyler Museum of Art. Both 7th and 8th graders drew one square of an alligator together as practice for grid drawings. We gave the alligator drawing to Mr. Kiser in the Library.

The rest of the semester will be on the rest of the remaining elements of art; Texture, Color, and Space.

Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs

Peter Reginato

Painter/Sculptor Peter Reginato
Mexico's Day of the Dead

Dia De Los Muertos ( Day of the dead )

For Dia de los muertos ( day of the dead) we learned about the background and culture behind it. We learned how people make sugar skulls for this holiday. This inspired us to create our own sugar skull drawings for Day of the dead. First we needed to learn how to draw a simple skull, then we had to add Day of the dead designs to the drawing. We spend a few days on this project, giving us enough time to really give the drawing the Dia de los muertos feel. The best skulls were sent to the museum for display. For mine, I made it half skull half human, to represent the celebration of remembering loved ones.

What Art is to me...

Art is an important part of my life, pretty much everything I do is related to art in some way. I have had my share of problems, and art is what gets me through the day. I love to draw, read, and write short stories and poems; all forms of art. I feel like art is a part of me, like without it I would be nothing. I keep referring to it as "art", but what exactly is art? In my opinion, art is an escape, a way to escape from all the problems of reality ( or point them out) and express one's self. Weather it be singing, dancing, drawing, and even writing, everyone has some sort of artist inside of them. So the answer to the question, " What is art to me?" is art is a part of me. It IS me.

Sorry if it sounds far fetched, but that's how I feel.