Costa Rica

By Justin Liang

Background information

Capital: San Jose

Major cities: San Jose, Puerto limon, alajuela, Liberia


It was controlled by Spain until September 15, 1821, when Costa Rica gained independence.

It is no longer controlled by any other country.

Official language: Spanish

Describe flag: 2 horizontal blue stripes on outside, then 2 white stripes and 1 red stripe in middle. On left hand side there is a coat of arms.


Where? In the Caribbean islands/ Central America between Nicaragua and Panama.

Physical features: tropical climate, costal plains, rugged mountains, over 100 volcanoes.

Political information

Democratic republic government

Leader: president Luis Guillermo

Economic information

Currency: Costa Rican Colones

Capitalism economic system

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Tourist information

There is very beautiful weather and nature. You can enjoy nice walks on our beautiful beaches or take a hike in our forests. You can go sightseeing birds or visits the Tortiuguero National park.