How to prevent Cyberbullying!

Don't cyber bully!!!

What is Cyber bully?

People cyber bully because your not saying it face to face, so the bully thinks its easier to do it over the internet, texting , etc. Don't ever cyber bully, bullying this way you can get caught faster because there is more evidence to prove what was said.

What if i am cyber bullied?

If your ever cyber bullied don't wait until it gets out of hand tell an adult right away. If you tell an adult right away it will end quicker and your feeling won't be to hurt. Always tell an adult if someone messages your and you feel unconformable about when they said to you!

The main point.

The main point is don't ever cyber bully. It really does hurt peoples feelings and makes them feel sad. There is no reason for any kind of bullying. Bullying needs to be stopped. If someone ever bullies you (bullying of any kind) tell an adult don't wait till it ruins your self us steam. Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself of someone else getting bullied. Be the person that stands up to the bully and makes them back down. Bullies just bully for power. Don't let them take the power aw way to stand up for yourself!