BCS Eco News

BCS Going Green(er) | January 2015

Marine Debris Photo Booth

The 4th and 5th grader eco group, the Go Greeners, hosted a "photo booth" celebrating both students who bring re-usable water bottles and keeping plastic out of the ocean. BCS first through fifth graders were invited to show their support of the ocean through taking fun photos with their water bottles and ocean stuffies.

Refillable Water Bottle Stations

Thanks to the BBC and Grace Yang and our NOAA Ocean Guardians Grant, BCS and BCI now have refillable water bottle stations! Bullis students can now easily fill up their refillable water bottles at these two stations. On the BCS campus, the new station is located where the old water fountain was near the servery, while the BCI bottle filling station is near boys' and girls' bathrooms.

Green Cup Recycling Challenge

BCS's K-5 students participated in the Green Cup Recycling Challenge during the months of November and December. As part of the Blue Crew co-curricular, students from the recycling group monitored all K-5 and specialist classrooms, keeping track of correct and incorrect trash and recycling bins. An incorrect trash bin is a bin that has items that should have been recycled (most commonly pieces of paper) and an incorrect recycling bin is one that has items that can't be recycled in it (most commonly paper towels and/or tissues). The girls in this group tracked the data for five weeks and came to several conclusions including the conclusion that BCS is much better at keeping trash out of the recycling bin than keeping recycling out of the trash bin. See our four weeks of data below.

Based on the data, the girls did a short presentation at the K-5 Friday assembly to encourage students to put paper in the recycling bin, rather than the garbage.

Recycle Electronics at BCS

Don't forget that you can help both the environment and BCS by recycling your used electronics. Through Waste Management, the BCS office is able to collect and recycle the following electronics: cell phones, inkjet cartridges, laser cartridges, GPS devices, iPods, video games and consoles, DVDs, digital cameras, PDAs, laptops, iPads, Tablets, and eReaders.

We earn cash for these items through Cartridges for Kids so bring your unused electronics to the BCS office!