My True Colors

By Levi Lennard 1st hour

Reflection of my blue personality.


In my childhood, I feared rejection and had a huge imagination. I didn't really like the structure of school because my head was always somewhere else. I didn't like competition as a kid, I enjoyed being encouraged by others.


I am a hopeless romantic and seek harmonious relationships. I love flowers, candlelight, and any romantic gestures.


I adapt at motivating and working with others. I usually will work in arts, communication, education, and anything else creative. I also have a strong desire to influence others so they can lead better lives.


I expect others to have the same views as I do, and i try to develop lives. I have an unstructured approach to life, and love a sense of security. I assume the family spirit, and encourage change.

My Symptoms of a Bad Day

When I have a bad day, I will lye to save face, I will daydream often and stare off into space. I will withdraw from many conversations, and not really participate much. Usually on bad days, I will cry and act sad. I will also have passive resistance, not wanting to do anything because usually, everyone is irritating me on a bad day.

Questions about me

What three characteristics about your color fit you best?What three characteristics don't describe you?

I think my childhood personality, my relationships, and the symptoms of a bad bay fit me the best out of all the categories for my color. The three that don't really describe me are the work, leadership, and some parts of the relationship characteristic don't fit me very well.

What type of job do you think fits your personality type?

I think a creative type of job would fit my personality type best. Maybe a photographer, or design engineer. That's what I want to be, a design engineer. Or a helping job would fit my personality type, like a veterinarian or marine biologist.

How might my personality affect my work life?

I think that at work, I would be very good at helping people around me prosper, and I would always work my hardest. Also, I would love what I do, so I would hardly ever be in a bad mood. I also think it could be bad however, because when I have a bad day I may not want to participate, and people may think that I'm not a nice person because of how I act on that particular day. However, I also think that I would get distracted easily at work with a wild imagination, which could pose a few problems.