NCVPS Culture Café Presents...

Topic: "Le système scolaire en France".

By: Mme Kristin Bunphithak


Date: Thursday, February 18th 2016

Time: 8:00 - 9:00 pm.

Ways To Access the Culture Café

Use the “Culture Café“ tab in your course or put this into your address bar to get there.


Call In: Phone: 571-392-7703 PIN: 942 684 936 988

Log in as participant with no password. Please type your first and last name.

Participating in the Culture Cafe & Completing the Assignment

During each culture cafe session, you'll join many other students in the "virtual classroom" to learn and share with each other and the teacher. The teacher will have a formal PowerPoint presentation and go over the specified cultural presentation. You need to take notes, as you will have to include a copy of your notes (that has your name and the date). (You can take notes by typing on a computer during the session and uploading the document to the specific assignment page OR you can hand write your notes, take a pic of them and upload to the specific assignment page.)

After attending each Culture Café session, you will need to answer the following questions and submit a copy or picture of your notes:

  1. What date did you attend?
  2. What was the topic?
  3. Who was/were the presenter/s (first and last name/s)?
  4. What did you cover/learn? (You should include the copy of your notes that has at least 10 things learned. SCREEN SHOTS ARE NOT NOTES!!!)
  5. Complete a 5 sentence reflection on the Central Theme given by the teacher at the end of the Culture Café Presentation. Submissions without this will not be counted.