Watauga County


About Watauga

Watauga County was founded in 1849. It is located in the mountain region of North Carolina. It was named for the Watauga River. Watauga is said to be a Native American that could mean either, beautiful water, whispering waters, village of many springs, and river of islands. The neighboring counties are Ashe (NE), Wilkes (E), Caldwell (S), Avery (SW), and Johnson County, TN (NW). The municipalities are Beech Mountain, Blowing Rock, Boone, and Seven Devils. The County Seat, Boone, is also home to Appalachian State University.

National Landmarks and Tourist Attractions

Watauga County Government

The Watauga County Seat is Boone! The Watauga Board of Commissioners has five members. The Watauga County Manager's name is Deron Geouque. Geouque is the third person from the left in this photo.

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