Lincoln Agenda

February 1-5

What's Happening....

Library - A week

Monday, Feb. 1

8:05 Please come to Marcie's room for ODOB kickoff info.

ODOB KICKOFF! Wear black for flashmob!

As soon as announcements are over - bring classes to gym.

12:40 Melissa meet w Britni

2:15 3rd grade awards in Library

Tuesday, Feb. 2

Groundhog Day

8:05 Staff Meeting

9:00 Melissa @Admin Principals Meeting

10:30 - 10:55 K-2 Operation Lifesaver in gym

11:00-11:35 Grades 3-5 Operation Lifesaver in gym

2:00 Kindergarten Awards in Library

3:35 Case Conference - Melissa, Ashleigh, Britni

Wednesday, Feb. 3

8:05 Advocacy Meeting

9:00 Melissa meeting w Paulina

10:00 1st Grade Awards in Library

1:00-3:00 Melissa and Katie at High Ability Meeting at Admin

3:30 Case Conference - Lisa, Ashleigh, Melissa

Thursday, Feb. 4

9:00 Leading Leopard Celebration- Send students to the library

1:55 Conference - Kelly, Melissa, Ashleigh

Friday, Feb. 5

8:05 Grade Level Meeting

Saturday, Feb. 6

Girls Basketball at Lincoln Games from 10:00-2:00

Monthly Meeting Schedule- A look ahead. This may change but may be helpful for you as you plan.

RTI Referral- Please fill this out if you have a student that you have concerns about. Marcie will add his or her name to the agenda. This is for academics or behavior. If you have urgent concerns, please let Melissa or Marcie know ASAP.


Assessment Info

WIDA Assessment - January 11-February 26 (Marcie and Nikki will take care of this assessment.)

STAR 360 - Testing January 19-29

ISTEP Part 1 - February 29-March 11 (Schedules are forthcoming.)

Thank you!

Thank you to our "dance team" and everyone who is involved with the ODOB kickoff for your enthusiasm! There are so many people who have worked together on the ODOB program - PTO for their financial support Katie and Devin for their artistic ability, Marcie for organizing everything and coming in on Saturday, Debra for the subtle sailboat hint, Kim for helping with getting materials ready, so many teachers and staff members for decorating and keeping the excitement going all week! The students were so excited, asking if it was going to be "like Ivan." That is a testament to a LOVE of reading!