EHMS Newsletter

March 2022

Dear Eastern Heights Families,

The Main Office of any school building is a hub of activity. Students and staff are always on the go, in and out of the space throughout the school day.

It’s an active place for regular check-ins and meetings with students, as well as staff conferences and daily interactions with school principals and counselors. The Main Office is also a confidential space at times for conversations and interactions between school personnel and students.

Parents and caregivers are part of the equation, too. For any number of reasons, parents may be asked to come to their child’s school during the day. When that happens, parents should follow the district’s visitor procedures by using the school’s main entrance buzzer and intercom system to gain entrance to the school, and then signing in at the front desk.

If parents/caregivers do not have a meeting at the school but still need to come to the school during the day to see their child or to speak to a staff member, a call-ahead notice or an appointment is required.

This ensures parents will be seen in a timely manner and upholds the safety practices of the school.

To contact the Main Office, please call (440)284-8015

Have yourselves a positively marvelous March! Remember you can learn something new everyday if you just listen!


Dana Cerrito & Joy Jones

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Important Dates

3/3 Boys Basketball starting at 4:40 (tickets must be purchased in advance)

3/8 8th Grade Band Festival @ the PAC starting at 7 PM

3/25 Spring Dance

Ask your student about our safety assembly! Invite this important conversation into your living room.

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Band- Mrs. Brawley

Band- Mrs. Brawley

Click the link below for information about upcoming concerts for the Eastern Heights Band students.

8th Grade Band-

Click HERE for an 8th Grade Band classroom update.

Join the 8th Grade Band Remind:

7th Grade Band-

Click HERE for an update on our 7th Grade Band.

Join the 7th Grade Band Remind:

6th Grade Band-

Click HERE for an update on our 6th Grade Band

Join the 6th Grade Band Remind:

Art- Mrs. Karban

Hello students, parents, staff, and community members. I have created a Google Site that showcases my students' artwork. This website allows everyone to see what we are doing and parents of my 8th grade art students can see child is achieving in art. I am very proud of my students and they should be proud of their work as well. Come back and visit every once in a while to see updates as the semester progresses. When the art students switch with the STEAM students I will archive Fall semester student’s work into one link and showcase my Semester 2 students. Enjoy!

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