By Owen Lambert


Binary code is made out of 1's and 0's. No other numbers are used. Binary scale base 2 is128 64 32 16 8 4 2 1. This code starts at 1 and doubles every step. Also notice that the code starts on the right and goes left, all computers are like this. There can be 8-1 bit binary, so 8 digits down to 1. an exaple of binary code is 00011011 notice that this is 8 digits long, the max length for binary code. if we use the base 2 scale at the top and add together 16+8+2+1=27.


These are the amounts for binary code   1 bit=1   4 bits=nibble    2 nibbles=1 byte

Converting binary to denary code

- All you have to do is times the binary code by the denary in the same column  (starting from the left) E.g - binary 11011 denary = 1x1+1x2+1x8+1x16=27   16 8 4 2 1  here is an easy way to understand it.

What is binary code used for?

Binary code is used for many things. It is basically the computers dictionary, it thinks in binary code and the the way it understands it it by defining the numbers that the binary code adds up to.

Different forms of binary code

You can get 8 bit to 1 bit binary code in base 2 binary code. 5 bit binary - 10101. 8 bit binary - 11010111.

Any laptop, computer, console or programme runs on binary. All of the above would run on binary.