Mrs. Greene's 3rd Grade

February 5, 2016

Quote of the Week Goes To...

Ava! We came to school Monday, February 1 and after being in Room 9 for an hour, Ava remarked, "Whew...It's gonna be a BUSY week!" She was absolutely correct!

We worked so hard and I feel like each and every child grew leaps and bounds in many different areas! That is so exciting to me!

WE WON THE SPIRIT STICK TODAY! We had 100% participation - every student had sports gear on - THANK YOU!!!! We get to walk the halls of SRE with the spirit stick until the next spirt day.

Here is what is planned next week: February 8-12

Reading: Unit 6 - How Can We Preserve Our Traditions?

  • Word Study Skill -
  • Comprehension -


  • Responding to literature - constructed responses
  • Test Siblings
  • Writing Stamina
  • Writing Conferences


  • Bees - Pollination
  • Plant Observations

Math: Unit 8 - Area and Perimeter

  • Multiplying Whole Number by a Fraction
  • Area of a Rectangle
  • Area of a Parallelogram
  • Area of a Triangle

Great Job, Dylan and Andrew for working so hard in xtramath! Dylan passed multiplication and Andrew passed Division. That takes a lot of hard work - I am very proud of both of them!

I was very impressed with the Chapter 7 test grades! Thank you for working at home with your child.

Special Helper: SHANE

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Shane has been a wonderful helper! He took his position of leadership very seriously this week. Shane is a deep thinker, always ready to share his vast amount of knowledge about many different topics with the class. We enjoy learning from him!

iLeadSRE Leader of the Week - Camryn!

Each week, teachers choose a student from their class who is exhibiting one or more of the Seven Habits in the classroom and around the halls of SRE. Congratulations, Camryn, for being selected as the first LEADER OF THE WEEK in Room 9. Camryn was deserving of this award due to her positive attitude, willing attitude, being proactive, and putting first things first. WOW! A true leader... Stay tuned for next week's LEAD OF THE WEEK!
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February Birthdays:

Samantha: February 6

Aidan: February 7

Ava: February 17

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Did You Know...

1. Your child knows how to use Britannica Online to research a topic of interest.

2. We use online dictionaries and thesauruses to help us expand our word choice and
understand unknown words.

3. We are using Google Docs to respond to questions related to literature. Your child can
send a doc using CCS emails to friends and teachers for collaborative work.

4. We stay on top of current events through an online children's news site called - Tween Tribune.

5. We earn extra minutes of recess each day by having quick transitions (1 minute or less) between activities.

6. We do Brain Breaks throughout the day to get us out of our seats and help us stay motivated to learn!