Barclay Bulletin

January 18, 2021

Returning To School

Students who are fully remote have an option of returning to school whenever families feel it is appropriate to do so. In the Fall we had a mass notification to return our first group of fully remote students. Currently we will honor specific requests to return to the appropriate cohort when the building principal(s) have been notified of your intent. Buildings will need time to coordinate a return, especially if transportation is needed or if there are students in multiple buildings. Please be aware that each building has limitations on space, so families wishing to return students to an in-person experience may not have options regarding the cohort days available. The added students on transportation may also impact the pick-up and drop-off times of existing routes.

I cannot speak to the available space in other buildings, but please know that I cannot honor any requests to bring students back more than our current models. Most students have a 2 day in-person experience. Students with Individualized Education Plans through the Committee of Special Education and our English as a New language Learners are provided a 4 day in-person experience. I realize that our current models are not ideal. I would love to see students with an in-person experience 5 days a week. We continue to follow the guidelines of New York State with regard to social distancing, which has allowed us to continue our models without the need to go fully remote. Hopefully this will continue to be the case as our COVID numbers decline.

Most Barclay classrooms allow a maximum of 12 desks, but that number includes desks which are not ideal for instruction. I also have two classrooms where 9 desks are the maximum at 6 feet distances.

We continue to have Art and Lunch in the classrooms. Students go to the Library, Gym, and Music (held in our cafeteria).

Feel free to e-mail me directly at if you have specific questions related to our cohorts or instructional programs.

Health Screening

Our health screens should continue to be completed each day your child attends school. If you are having difficulties with the health screen, contact our main office through the e-mail or phone number attached to this bulletin.