Life In The Gold Fields

Emma S 5/6D

The gold fields

When gold was found in Australia by Edward hargraves, all different people from all different countries all around the world to came to Australia hoping to strike it rich.

Gold is like iron, copper, lead and ect is a metal.


The main tools you will need are a ,shovel, pick axe, cradle, windlass and a bucket.

Also a tent, blanket, mutton, flour and tea (instead of the dirty water). And definitely your gold licence.

types of mining

Tare two types of mining.....

SHAFT mining

ALLIVAL mining


The Eureka Stockade formed when the miners disagreed with the law, because the miners felt that paying for the licences too often was an unfair deal and the way they were being treated was a disgrace. After a while the angry miners burnt their licences and after hearing the death of the miner at the hotel, they thought this was enough and decided to fight against the government for their rights on bakery hill, on the 3rd of December. This was an ugly battle. Even though the miners lost a lot of men, the miners won their rights against the police and government. The miners were very pleased by this and decided to celebrate.
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Gold is bought and sold everyday around the world on the gold markets. Gold is chemically very stable. Gold is quite soft it is slightly harder than a fingernail but not as hard as a coin or glass. Gold is either inside rocks or mixed with river sand. some miners that were digging have found big nuggets of pure gold. Gold is a very substance making up only five ten millionths of the earth outer layer, (imagine 10 million smarties in one place and only 5 of them made of gold).


Between 1851 and 1861, Australia produced one third of the worlds gold. By the end of the 19th century Australia was the largest of gold in the world