By: Hallie Rusk

About My Poetry

My seventh grade class and I wrote poems for our ELA (English Language Arts) class. Below you will find my poetry.

Some Of My Poems











Exciting, fun

Bump, set, hit

Cheering, clapping, shouting, yelling



Once, there was a dog

Who liked to wear bogs

He liked having fun

So he went on a run

He found it very fun


These be

Three loud things..... A baby crying for its mother, a truck

driving around the corner , a crowd at a baseball diamond

as a grand slam is hit.


A soaring bird

Flew through a cloud

On the other side a butterfly was found

More Poems

I Wonder:

I wonder how earth was created.

Why was earth created?

Why was everything on earth created?

I wonder if the world will ever end.

Why will it end?

What will be the cause?

I wonder who will be our president.

Will we final,y have a female president?

Will they be good at their job?

I wonder what happens when you grow old.

How long will you live until you die?

How much strength will you lose?

I wonder when I will die.

Will it be painless or painful?

Why do people die?

I wonder why people get sick.

Will they ever find a way to stop people from getting sick?

Will people always get sick?

I Wonder!

I Wish:

I wish

I never got sick

I never missed school

and that I could take naps whenever I like.

I wish

that I knew everything

that I don't always talk so much

and that I'm always in a good mood.

I wish

I was fearless

that I was more confident

and that I never worry.

I wish

that I could fly

that I had magical powers

and that I could help people around the world.

I wish

that no one went hungry

that everyone had a home

and that everyone has a family.

I Used To:

I used to be worry free

Happy and filled with joy

Careless and young

But now I'm filled with worry

Worrying about my family

Always worrying about the things

that can go wrong, worrying about

school and sports. I'm always worrying.

I used to be a grape

Delicious and chewy

A beautiful purple

But now I'm a raisin

Disgusting and shriveled

Always being ignored

I used to be a doll

Cute and fun to play with

I got told everything

But now I'm nothing

My owner has grown up

I've been given away

I'm now... Nothing

I used to be a water bottle

Always being used

But now I. A melted plastic

I am no longer useful

I am a recycled bottle

I used to be a decoration

A gorgeous chairs that sat

sat in a store, untouched,

unwanted, unseen

But now I'm chair

Useful, old, worn out,

My life has been amazing

Fulfilled, joyful, wonderful


Hallie Rusk

Came out of the dusk

To fetch a pail of water

But she only found a guy named Carter

Bruno Mars

Was born on Mars

But no one really knows

Because he has normal toes

Terse Verse:

What a chicken does



What a ghost does



Found Poem:

Mom's Rules

Stop shouting

Get along with your brother

Get off of your phone

Talk nice

Stop being crabby

Don't have an attitude


Stop talking

Pay attention