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Monster by Walter Dean Myers

My Opinion

My opinion regarding the ability for society to overcome prejudice is even though our world has evolved since Hitler some people still believe in his beliefs. I truly believe some people on our plant will never stop being resist and discriminating people. Although we have come so far from the past as to when some people wouldn’t even let black people into a certain bars or even into some parts of town. We now also in Canada have laws for Freedom of religion and gender equality, I am 100% all for those laws.

Monster by Walter Dean Myers page number 7

"There are sounds of inmates yelling from cell to cell; most of it is obscene. Most of the voices are clearly black or Hispanic."

I chose this quote from the book Monster because to me this means others think black people are very bad and do stuff that gets them into a lot of trouble. Just because they are a different skin color, but white people can be just as mean and destructive. The main charter Steve can overcome being prejudice by realizing just because people are a different color then you doesn’t mean there are worse then you of beneath you.

Monster by Walter Dean Myers page number 78-79

"The jury believed you were guilty the moment they laid eyes on you. You're black, you're young, and you're on trial what else do they need to know." The main character has overcome prejudice to a certain extent because he responded by saying "I thought you're supposed to be innocent until you're proven guilty?"

Monster by Walter Dean Myers page number 90

"He goes to that faggot school downtown. All they learn there is how to be faggots."

I chose this quote from the book I'm reading Monster because it is a clear example of people being prejudice to others. They gave an unfavorable opinion of the main charter Steve by judging the school he attends.

Three Pieces of Evidence to Support my Theme

Enslaved - Poem by Claude McKay

Oh when I think of my long-suffering race,
For weary centuries despised, oppressed,
Enslaved and lynched, denied a human place
In the great life line of the Christian West;
And in the Black Land disinherited,
Robbed in the ancient country of its birth,
My heart grows sick with hate, becomes as lead,
For this my race that has no home on earth.
Then from the dark depths of my soul I cry
To the avenging angel to consume
The white man's world of wonders utterly:
Let it be swallowed up in earth's vast womb,
Or upward roll as sacrificial smoke
To liberate my people from its yoke!
Cooke was deeply affected by the death of his infant son, who drowned in a swimming pool in 1963. He started writing more introspective songs and took an interest in black history and politics.

Racist Fraternity Chant Learned During Leadership Cruise March 27, 2015 By Allie Bidwell

University of Oklahoma students march to the now-closed Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house during a rally on March 10. The university's president expelled two students after he said they were identified as leaders of a racist chant captured on video during a fraternity event.

My Powerful Image

This image to me says so much about racism and is so powerful. The picture could mean many different things when people first lay eyes on it. But when i look at this i think its Saying that underneath everyone is the same no matter the skin tone. No one should be put down for having a different color of skin.
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