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British Army

to join the army you must be in between the ages of 16 or 18 you will need parental consent.To join the Army you do not need any formal qualifications as such but you will need to pass an entrance test which covers basic reasoning, maths and join the TA you have to be inbetween the ages of 17 to 43. if you are under the age of 18 on the other hand you have to have perental consent.

game designer

To be a game designer, you will need specific skills, creativity and passion to be successful. The video game industry has exploded with the release of next-generation consoles such as Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This leads a lot of room for designers to come up with great game ideas. However, despite the many job opportunities, it is a competitive field due to the ever-changing technology involved. Here are some important skills you will need.

knowing what works.

An important skill is a solid knowledge of what makes a video game good or bad. It is also crucial that you understand how games are put together and work as a whole.
general skills.

Game designers need to have strong written and communication skills, be very organized and work well within groups as well as individually.


Also you need to be aware that the type of teaching you do can also vary depending on the age of the children you teach. If you would like to be a primary school teacher, you will need to have an all round knowledge of subjects. where as teaching older children requires more specialist knowledge. Either way you will have to have attained QTS or Qualified Teaching Status to be allowed to teach in a state school. Schools always need of people with other talents as well, so anything else you can offer eg. singing, piano playing, IT skills are always really useful and will help with your application.