Steamboat For Sale

$38,000 Asking Price

Importance to ND

The Red River Steamboats were very important to North Dakota. They hauled many passengers and 4,000 tons of freight. This was a great improvement over the Red River Cart Train. Steamboats carried many more things at a faster rate. The Missouri steamboat was very profitable to our state. It brought in a lot of money from the Fur Trade and carrying mail. Bismarck was a principal port for the Missouri Steamboats.
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Only $38,000

Advantages & Disadvantages of the Steamboats

It allows you to travel so much faster up stream!

Sometimes the engine can be unreliable though but it's not all that common!

It can carry so many things up the river in just one trip!

They are a bit expensive but they are definitely worth your money!

History of the Steamboat

Robert Fulton created the first steamboat in the 1800's. Before him many people like John Fitch and William Symington had tried but failed to create the steamboat. Fulton's first steamboat was called Clermont. The basic steamboat had a hull or body made of wood or steel with a wooden paddlewheel that had a circular center with spokes. They were very nice with theatre's, saloons, galleries, and ballrooms.