Carbon Dioxide Awarness

Stop CO2 Emissions

Severity of CO2 Emissions

The emission of Carbon Dioxide is a very serious and foreboding problem. Because of humans, the amount of CO2 and other green house gases in the atmosphere have increased drastically in the last few decades. CO2 levels in the atmosphere have gone up by 33% since before the industrial revolution (Skeptical Science). The earth naturally releases much more Carbon Dioxide than humans, but the earth absorbs more than it releases. The reason for CO2 levels being the highest they have been in 20 million years is because humans don’t absorb any CO2 they emit (Skeptical Science). Carbon Dioxide, along with other gases, is trapping sunlight inside the atmosphere and heating the earth to dangerous temperatures. CO2 is also dangerous at 40,000 ppm. A well-ventilated area is around 1,000 ppm (Wisconsin). CO2 is a deadly gas at high concentrations and its prevalence has been rapidly increasing throughout the world. The more CO2 there is in the air, the less oxygen there is for us to breathe.

The Solution

How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The only way to lessen CO2 emissions is for everyone to play a part and work together. For Carbon Dioxide to not be let into the atmosphere, world citizens have to eleminate certain activities and reduce others. One way that we will ultimately lessen CO2 emissions is for people to use cars that don’t use fossil fuel gas. Another simple solution is for citizens to reduce wasteful electricity use (Brook). Renewable energy sources are boundless, abundant, and don’t release harmful gases. Everyone should attempt to recycle plastic and reusable materials (Brook). To reduce CO2 emissions, we as a world have to be educated what causes the release of these dangerous gases and want to improve this major problem.

Take a Deep Breath

A massive problem with a tough problem.