Lineville Technology

By: Kaitlyn Schleusner

What Do You Do In 6th Grade Technology?

In 6th grade in technology you do a lot of things with your computers and iPad. As well as many different projects that you are graded on. But don't worry! They are all fun!


Youcan make an ITrailer about yourself on an app that some of you may be familiar with called IMovie. In the video you include things about yourself such as hobbies, favorite things, and what you like to do in your free time. I did my ITrailer about all of my favorite things in my life.

Explain Everything

You also do a project on an app called explain everything. What you do is you choose a math problem and then explain it on the app. The problems can be addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.

Haiku Deck

Also you have to do a project on an app called haiku deck about what you want to be when you grow up. It is taught by Mrs.Myers. She helps you pick out jobs that you like and about jobs and choose jobs you like and then you choose your favorite one to do your presentation.

On coding you code characters or code drawings to make a certain shape. You have to make that figure get to the end of the area that it is going in order to pass the level. Don't worry it is very fun and even though you are graded on it it isn't that hard.

Career locker

Career locker is a site that helps you prepare for the future. It is taught by the guidence counsolors in our school mine was Mrs.Vandenboogard. What you do is find jobs that interest you and do some research on them. This is a project tied into the Haiku Deck.

Learn to Type

Learn to type is a website that helps you with your typing skills. Some of those skills include letters, words, symboles, and numbers. You do this every day first thing when you come into tecnology.